About Star Capital Group

Star Capital Group (SCG) is a private equity company whose investment strategy combines experience, expertise, influence, and involvement to invest in strong growth and value assets.  SCG strives to be a reliable partner to real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are seeking to establish or grow their investment or businesses.


Traditionally, SCG has mainly invested in commercial real estate properties within the hospitality sector.  The recent downturn in the real estate market has caused a large decline in revenues and property values in real estate and specifically the hospitality sector.  With fewer opportunities for high growth investments in commercial hospitality real estate, SCG has forged a strategy which encompasses aggressive steps to diversify its portfolio by targeting assets at lower valuations and partnering with owners who have in-depth knowledge and experience in their industry and are looking for the helping hand of a strong partner.  We call this type of investing “Smart Money.”  Smart Money investing has led SCG into sourcing investments and projects  both domestically and internationally in such areas as student housing, software development, IT, green consulting, brand enhancement consulting.


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